The Offshore Marine Service Sector

What many people don’t fully understand is the importance of the United States of America’s offshore marine service association. Nearly a fifth of US domestic oil and gas reserves come from offshore drilling and production. Not only that, but the offshore marine service sector is in the process of becoming a large source of wind generated electricity as well. The industry is growing at a rapid speed and with its growth comes new designs in technology that require a greater number of employees and support systems.

Not only does this industry provide the US with much need energy services, it supplies job openings and professional opportunities that wouldn’t be there otherwise. The Gulf Coast especially has benefited from the number of employment opportunities generated by the offshore marine industry. Not only are they responsible for helping support more than 6,000 companies, they also generate an estimated 1.2 billion dollars in yearly wages for their employees.

Andy Naquin understands that the industry is growing and that to be a part of it now means that there is room to rise in the future. He is currently the Vice President of Operations for Kilgore Marine Services and has been working in the offshore marine service sector since 2001. The industry has become an important aspect of the country’s economy as the need for domestic energy has greatly increased in the last few decades. Not only does the industry provide more jobs for hard working Americans, but it also decreases our dependence on foreign oil companies.

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