Being an Effective Operations Manager

In order to become an effective operations manager or manager of any sort, one must know how to lead groups of people as they strive to obtain a common goal. Not only does this mean that the effective manager will have gained the trust over those employees he manages, but it also means that the effective manager trusts his employees’ abilities to perform their duties correctly and in a timely fashion. The relationship between manager and employee takes time to bond and build to an optimal level.

Being an operations manager within a major industry that employs thousands of people takes a great deal of effort and leadership ability. Within the offshore marine sector, for example, an industry that supplies vessels for clients’ needs, an effective operations manager is in charge multiple vessels, multiple crews, and client satisfaction. An effective manager must be an excellent project planner, time manager. He or she must be able to work well both independently and in a group setting, and must also be able to meet customer needs. Not only must they oversee all of these aspects to their job, but they must also oversee the safety of each operation as well.

Andy Naquin is currently serving as the Vice President of Operations for Kilgore Marine Services and he understands what it takes to be successful in his position. He has been working in the offshore marine sector since 2001, when he graduated from Nicholls State University with his Master’s degree in Business Administration. He has experience with quality and safety control, shipyard maintenance, new business development, and vessel management.

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