Wildlife Conservation and Maintaining Wild Space

In today’s society the wilderness is shrinking, open space is closing, and the animals that naturally roamed the earth are hiding deeper into the recesses of once great forests. Resources are being used faster than ever and it is becoming more difficult to conserve the natural space around us instead of cultivating it to our will. Outdoor enthusiasts, hunters, backpackers, hikers, and many others are fighting for their right to conserve what is left of the natural world for the sake of its beauty, resources, and ability to take people back to a time when the world was much different than it is today.

Wildlife conservation and the desire to maintain what is left of the natural world is something that is very important. Without national parks or government-controlled lands, wildlife will dwindle away into nonexistence. The outdoors provides an escape for individuals who enjoy being submersed in nature. Exploration and the desire to adventure into the unknown is one of the very ideas that make humans what they are: wild. Although there is no ground on Earth that has not yet been explored, wildlife conservation areas, national parks, and even experimental forests are all that’s left for the hunter, the backpacker, and the adventurer today.

Andy Naquin is deeply concerned with wildlife conservation and is also a member of a number of groups that aim to maintain the natural world around us. He is an avid hunter and he understands that his hunting territories are threatened by over population and a societal need for natural resources. He and many others like him will do whatever they can to preserve the wildlife areas that still exist today.

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